Executive Producer (Big Dreamers Festival)

Since 2018 I have produced the Big Dreamers Festival, a family arts festival that incorporated high quality touring children's theatre with workshops from local organisations and a community cinema. I'm incredibly proud of the partnerships with the local library service and local authorities that we've built, which have led to sold out programmes and accessible arts for all the family. 

Interfaith Youth Officer (C of E)

I worked with the Church of England (Diocese of Worcester) to build an interfaith youth programme and support community development in diversifying areas. This included building a workshop programme and delivering sessions in schools which complemented RE teaching by providing activities that developed understanding of world religions, and the ideas that linked them (for example one half term was focused on individuals who are important in the Abrahamic religions). 


Creative Director (Creative CoLab)

My role as Creative Director involves leading a team delivering participatory arts roles within Worcestershire. This included working in community settings, in education and bringing in external partners to support CPD. 

I delivered work for young people 5-25, including producers groups and workshops in schools to build confidence in literacy.