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Project Development and Management. 

I've managed public projects with multiple partners and projects working with vulnerable communities, from inception to completion. I can support you by managing a project or supporting you through the project development phase. This includes fundraising, I have experience fundraising with trusts and grants. 


Formative evaluation, evaluation which takes place across the whole of a project, creates work which is more adaptable to change. It helps create better work, and makes us develop in our practice. 

I can support you in building an evaluation strategy which is inclusive to your budget, and provide training that can help you to highlight your strengths and resources in order to make the most from evaluation.

Whilst I appreciate that getting in external evaluation is expensive, I am happy to take about budgets and will never work on projects that tag evaluation on as an afterthought.

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Brand Strategy

Strategy Development

I can support the facilitation of challenging organisational development conversations and strategy development through consultation and workshops. 

My methodology uses systems approaches to development management - which ensures all voices are heard and effects of change considered. 

I can support through consultation, facilitating away days, or staff training.  Over the past 5 years, I've helped develop strategies for NPOs, Academy Trusts and Youth Organisations. 

Speaking and Training

I've delivered talks and seminars on topics including the importance of failure, why we can't throw money at a problem and expect it to get better, and the importance of play in community development. Clients include the University of Birmingham, Hipkiss and Graney, BBC Scotland and Impact Hub Birmingham.  

I've also delivered CPD on empathy led teaching and evaluation for schools across the UK, youth centres and local authorities. 

If you are interested in having me speak at your event please get in touch



I’ve worked with Heidi across multiple projects throughout the years and it’s hard to find a producer that has the level of commitment, drive and passion for delivering high end projects from fundraising to evaluation. She is kind and considerate with her time and work ethic and works compassionately with other team members whilst taking responsibility. 

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